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Three Big Events

HEA Annual Picnic

You are specially invited to attend 3 upcoming events... 2 in one day! On June 20, HEA Super Mom, Amanda Dresbach, will be hosting the HEA Annual Picnic. Saturday, June 20 from 12pm to 3pm at Two Mile County Park, Oil City, PA 16301. This is not only a fundraising event, but a great opportunity to connect with others from HEA. Please try to attend. There will be raffles and lots of food and fun! HEA has a Facebook page with more information. Or send email and we can reply with updates.

AIS-DSD Conference

PLEASE mark you calendars and register ASAP for an event including medical and mental health professionals as well as members from a number of DSD Communities. The AIS-DSD Conference will be held in Cincinnati Ohio this year and HEA will be participating. Although not a stand alone HEA conference, the subject matter and schedule pertain to members, parents, family and friends. The start meet and greet will be Thursday evening, July 30th with Conference starting Friday morning, July 31st till around noon Sunday, July 2. All food and events are paid for with your registration. If you would like to attend but feel you cannot afford to, please email us as the fundraising we are doing is to help with scholarships to this event. Please mark your registration with HEA- last name as you register. See attached link for more information. Upcoming AIS-DSD Conference

Walk with HEA

In order to work up an appetite for the HEA Annual Picnic, the Annual, "Walk with HEA" will be tentatively held at the Drake Well Museum and Park, 202 Museum Lane, Titusville, PA 16354 in the morning of Saturday, June 20. We are working on details, but should have within the next few days. Picture is member Willie Sears struttin' his stuff at the Fort Lauderdale, FL walk 2013... HEA has a Facebook page with more information. Or send email and we can reply with updates. These funds will be used for scholarships to AIS-DSD Conference for scholarships as well as new HEA website. Please give generously and look forward to many improvements over the coming year! Donate

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